Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zoya - Nail Mail!

So Zoya had a promotion - where you could get two free polishes - just pay S&H - and guess what I have gotten?!

So, I ordered the colors Jo and Ki (l-r in pic above) - and ordered the Mini Color Lock System (behind the polishes) - and got S&H for free! :)  I also ordered a bunch of 'color spoons' from them as well.  Zoya will send you a 'color spoon' - which is an actual swatch of their polish, on a little plastic spoon - so you can see a color, before you buy an entire bottle!  They charge $0.50 for each spoon, but wait, they give you a gift certificate/code to use towards your next purchase from them, for the total you spent on any color spoons!  So basically, you're getting them for free! Woot! ;)  I will post my first mani ever on the blog tomorrow - so you can see the awesome Jo!

Did you get in on this deal from Zoya?  If so - what colors did you order?  Do you have any favorites that you've already tried? :)

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