Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Zoya - Jo and OPI - Save Me!

This is the first of my two 'free' polishes from Zoya.  I chose to try out Jo first.  On their website - Zoya describes Jo as:  " Delicate and serene looking medium periwinkle blue with subtle silver and blue toned shimmer."  I love me some blues and silver - and I hadn't really seen this color yet on many blogs - so here you go - check out the fun!  I love this color!  I also tried the Mini Color Lock System by Zoya, that I purchased along with the polishes.  I'm not wholly convinced this is a great combo - I had two nails wrinkle on me, when I was done - so not sure if that was just a mistake on my part or what - will have to try it again and see. :)

Artificial Light w/ Flash
In this pic, I decided to show you the comparison of the nail to the bottle and the color spoon from Zoya.  In case you didn't see previously, Zoya provides color spoons of all their colors - basically for free (you are credited the $0.50 it costs to receive, towards future purposes) - so you can see a color before you buy the whole bottle!

Natural Light - Nail/Bottle/Spoon Comparison
Please don't judge my small nails!  I am on a computer all day - and tend to have very weak nails - hopefully they will grow and be stronger, now that I am taking better care of them. :)

Natural Light
So - the next day - I decided I was missing my shiny glitter - so I put Save Me on my nails as a top coat. Woot!   Gotta love the holo shine!  OPI - Save Me! is from their recent Nicki Minaj line - it has what appear to be tiny silver glitters, with blue and pink bar holo glitter as well. This is one of those that catch the light so well and you just find yourself staring at while moving your nails back and forth, to see all the holo goodness!

OPI - Save Me! as a topcoat
Holo goodness! ;)
Hope you enjoyed my first nail post!  What do you think?  I love Jo!  I love the glitters in Save Me as well.  Do you have any of the Nicki Minaj line?  Are you like me - do you crave glitters when wearing a non-glitter polish?  I needs the bling! hehe