Sunday, March 4, 2012

Glam Polish - 1000 Follower Giveaway!

Glam Polish has reached 1000 followers and is giving away not just one, but THREE China Glaze OMG Collection Polishes!  Can you believe it?!?!?!  I'd say go enter this contest - but I want these babies for myself! hahaha ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Zoya - Jo and OPI - Save Me!

This is the first of my two 'free' polishes from Zoya.  I chose to try out Jo first.  On their website - Zoya describes Jo as:  " Delicate and serene looking medium periwinkle blue with subtle silver and blue toned shimmer."  I love me some blues and silver - and I hadn't really seen this color yet on many blogs - so here you go - check out the fun!  I love this color!  I also tried the Mini Color Lock System by Zoya, that I purchased along with the polishes.  I'm not wholly convinced this is a great combo - I had two nails wrinkle on me, when I was done - so not sure if that was just a mistake on my part or what - will have to try it again and see. :)

Artificial Light w/ Flash
In this pic, I decided to show you the comparison of the nail to the bottle and the color spoon from Zoya.  In case you didn't see previously, Zoya provides color spoons of all their colors - basically for free (you are credited the $0.50 it costs to receive, towards future purposes) - so you can see a color before you buy the whole bottle!

Natural Light - Nail/Bottle/Spoon Comparison
Please don't judge my small nails!  I am on a computer all day - and tend to have very weak nails - hopefully they will grow and be stronger, now that I am taking better care of them. :)

Natural Light
So - the next day - I decided I was missing my shiny glitter - so I put Save Me on my nails as a top coat. Woot!   Gotta love the holo shine!  OPI - Save Me! is from their recent Nicki Minaj line - it has what appear to be tiny silver glitters, with blue and pink bar holo glitter as well. This is one of those that catch the light so well and you just find yourself staring at while moving your nails back and forth, to see all the holo goodness!

OPI - Save Me! as a topcoat
Holo goodness! ;)
Hope you enjoyed my first nail post!  What do you think?  I love Jo!  I love the glitters in Save Me as well.  Do you have any of the Nicki Minaj line?  Are you like me - do you crave glitters when wearing a non-glitter polish?  I needs the bling! hehe

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zoya - Nail Mail!

So Zoya had a promotion - where you could get two free polishes - just pay S&H - and guess what I have gotten?!

So, I ordered the colors Jo and Ki (l-r in pic above) - and ordered the Mini Color Lock System (behind the polishes) - and got S&H for free! :)  I also ordered a bunch of 'color spoons' from them as well.  Zoya will send you a 'color spoon' - which is an actual swatch of their polish, on a little plastic spoon - so you can see a color, before you buy an entire bottle!  They charge $0.50 for each spoon, but wait, they give you a gift certificate/code to use towards your next purchase from them, for the total you spent on any color spoons!  So basically, you're getting them for free! Woot! ;)  I will post my first mani ever on the blog tomorrow - so you can see the awesome Jo!

Did you get in on this deal from Zoya?  If so - what colors did you order?  Do you have any favorites that you've already tried? :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

January Hauls (Pic Heavy)

So - I've been lots of places - looking for what I may find as far as after-Christmas discounts and I've gotten quite a lot!  I can't help myself! :)  When there's a good deal, there's a good deal!  Here's what I've gotten so far this month! (Yeah - I may have to see if I find anything more - there is about 4 more days left in the month ;) - haha)

Sally's (Take one) - 

the loot!

Finger Paints - Motley (flakies) & Drummer Boy (glitter)

Seche Vite! (They were having a sale - buy SV, get CG for free!) 
China Glaze - Fairy Dust, Champagne Bubbles, and Tinsel Town

Orly - Twilight, Shining Star, Oui

Maly's -

 OPI Sets!
Nicki Minaj - The Muppets - Touring America -
Tune Into Great Nails (Princesses Rule! & Bubble Bath) 

 OPI - The Muppets Collection:
Excuse Moi! - Fresh Frog of Bel Air -  Gone Gonzo! - 
Pepe's Purple Passion - Meep-Meep-Meep

OPI - Significant Other Color - Teal the Cows Come Home -
Diva of Geneva - Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!
CND Effects - Jade Sparkle

Beauty Brands -

 They had BOGO for China Glaze!
Avalanche - C-c-courage - Dorothy Who? - Blue Iguana

OPI - Nicki Minaj Collection - Save Me (glitter!) -
China Glaze - Glittering Garland 

Wally World -

Nicole by OPI - Kendall on the Katwalk -
Hard Candy - Beetle

I went a little crazy here - but they had just put a ton in clearance! I couldn't help myself! :)

 the loot!

 Piggy Polish - Cute little set - 
(haven't heard too much about this brand, so I thought I'd try it out) - 
includes: polish, nail art mini, nail art brush, orange board, nail file -
Revlon - Powder Puff (matte suede)

 Orly - Cosmic FX: Space Cadet - Lunar Eclipse - Halley's Comet

 China Glaze - Near Dark - Cha Cha Cha - Ultamate Holiday

 Essence - Surfer Babe: The World's Coolest - Surferama - Hang Loose

 Zoya - Mitzi (matte), Lolly (matte), Marley, Gemma

 OPI - Sit Under the Apple Tree - Light My Sapphire

OPI - The Pirates of the Caribbean Collection:
Skull & Glossbones - Steady As She Rose - 
Sparrow Me the Drama - Planks A Lot - 
Stranger Tides - Mermaid's Tears

Sally's (Take two) - 
 the loot!

 Orly - Au Champagne - Stone Cold (Mineral FX) - Gelous

China Glaze - Some Like it Haute (Eye Candy 3D Glitter) - 
Flying Dragon (Neon) - Ruby Pumps (minis)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


So...I created a 'Giveaways' page - and have added some of the giveaways that are on blogs I follow. This is new to me - so I hope I've done all this right! Let me know if you have any suggestions! :) Enjoy all the giveaways!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Beginning!

Please bear with me - I've just started this whole blogging bit.  Seeing as how I spend so much time looking at and reading other nail blogs - I thought I could add my own into the mix of things.  I've had several 'hauls' over the past weekend - and I am excited to get these up.  Hopefully I can start to have as good of listings as fellow bloggers.  In the meantime - check out my blog roll and those I've already marked to follow!  They are some great ladies, with beautiful polishes and art! :)